All-Wheels Facility

What is an All-Wheels Facility?

An All-Wheels Park is also called a Pump Track, or Bike Park. It is a circuit of rollers (small hills or moguls), banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping"—generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedaling or pushing. It can be used by mountain bikes, BMX, skateboard, and accessible to wheelchairs. All Wheels Parks or Pump Tracks are relatively simple to use, economical to maintain and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels.

The Manitou Beach All-Wheels Facility will be inclusive and accessible to all skill and mobility levels. It will provide both a low impact track and high challenge track.

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Who is making it happen?

The Resort Village of Manitou Beach recognizes the value of accessible, inclusive recreational opportunities within the community for both residents and visitors. As a small rural community of just over 364 year-round residents it is significant and impactful for the Village to provide built amenities that support people of all abilities, at all stages of life, in an inclusive setting.

Manitou Beach Recreation Board is leading the development of the All-Wheels Facility. With the support of volunteers, the Resort Village of Manitou Beach Council and staff, the Watrous Manitou Marketing Group, and Camp Easter Seal.

The Rec Board volunteers manage a system of walking trails, groom cross country ski trails and maintain an outdoor skating pond. The Rec Board is committed to providing safe outdoor activities for families at Manitou Beach and the surrounding area.

Camp Easter Seal is the Sask Abilities site located in Manitou Beach. Camp Easter Seal is an active partner in the planning and development of an “all-wheels” accessible Pump Track in Manitou Beach.

Where will the track be located?

Manitou Beach is a resort village with approximately 300 year-round residents and over 150,000 annual visitors. It is a popular destination because it is located on the shores of the highly mineralized “Little Manitou Lake”. In the summertime the Manitou Beach Regional Campground is a busy destination for families; year-round the Manitou Springs Hotel and Mineral Spa is the place to be. For over 65 years, Manitou Beach is proud to be home of Camp Easter Seal - Saskatchewan's only fully barrier-free camp. The Resort Village of Manitou Beach is 6 kms from Watrous, SK and connected by highway and a new walking trail.

Within Manitou Beach, the All-Wheels Park will be constructed at the Event Plaza. The Event Plaza includes the Manitou Beach Community Hall, Baseball Diamond, Horseshoe Grounds, serviced public washrooms, and the trail head for a walking trail system around the village.

How is the All-Wheels Facility construction funded?

The Resort Village of Manitou Beach received $233,250 from Prairies Can, $5,000 funding from BHP, and in-kind donations valuing $75,000. Total cost for the All-Wheels Park development is estimated to be upwards of $385,000.

How can I help?

Be a financial sponsor for the Manitou Beach All-Wheels Park! The following support levels are recognized:

NAMING: $100,000

  • Park Site Naming Sponsor
  • Recognition with every visit, every mention, & every event for 10 years!
  • An entryway sign will be placed in your honor (sign size: approx. 3'x 6'}
  • See your logo on signage around the track
  • Receive recognition on the community plaque
  • Receive a charitable donation receipt.

PLATINUM: +$10,000

  • Naming on back fencing within the track
  • Your logo on signage & recognition on community plaque
  • Receive a charitable donation receipt

GOLD: $5,000 - 9,999

  • Your logo on promotions
  • Your logo on signage & recognition on community plaque
  • Receive a charitable donation receipt

SILVER: $1,000 - 4,999

  • Your logo on signage
  • Recognition on community plaque
  • Receive a charitable donation receipt

BRONZE: $500 - 999

  • Recognition on community plaque
  • Receive a charitable donation receipt

CITIZEN: $25 - 499

  • Receive a charitable donation receipt

We are happy to customize your involvement ~ Together we can establish an exciting activity centre.

Please contact us with ideas, suggestions, or questions. [email protected] ~Resort Village of Manitou Beach