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Welcome to Manitou Beach!

I look back on 2023 and I think "What a productive year!" We established some major efficiencies in our water treatment plant. We revamped our equipment inventory to reflect our needs and current uses. The Village yard is now clean, organized, and user friendly. Council adopted a budget plan that reflects community needs. We have a large number of utility customers sending their readings to the office. Online banking makes utility and tax payments easier. We moved slowly with seasonal meter connects/disconnects and residents adapted well. Your Council asked for efficiencies and administration stepped up with very proactive thinking. Thanks to all our Village staff at Manitou Beach and citizens that chose to participate.

This year was our year to revamp our Official Community Plan. We held a public hearing to address beefs and bouquets. From these consultations, we rewrote some clauses for better understanding, and at our December meeting we gave second reading. This revised document is available through the office and our website for resident scrutiny. I am pleased with the document and how it addresses the values of the community. It has been a long process, starting in the summer of 2020, and I commend all those persons who helped along the way.

The longer I am here, the more I see we all value our Village for its safe, magical, spiritual, and healing community spaces. We all arrive at Manitou Beach for different reasons, and we all take away differently, but at a fundamental level, we are all here because we want to be. Thank you for wanting to be here. I am proud of our community, and I hope you are too. Merry Christmas and I am predicting a very prosperous and exciting 2024!

Stay Salty!
Mayor Poppy Petersen

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REACT: REACT picks up garbage on Mondays, front street only. Please make sure you have a REACT tag visible on the bags for pick up. These tags are available at the Village Office and grocery stores in Watrous.

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